About TDSS IT Services

Welcome to The Divine Saga Studios IT Services Division

At TDSS IT Services division, we commit to provide high-end IT products and service,

in the areas of Network Management, Programming,

Help Desk and Software/Hardware purchases.



We bring more than twenty years of experience to the table and a fully reliable team of skilled experts to turn your IT plans and requirements into an entirely technological, competitive and efficient business operation.

Our Team

Our team of skilled IT experts turns us into the trusted partners you can rely on to optimize your business operation while you are out there closing business, growing and taking your company to the goals you have planned.


  • Help our clients increase their market share and competitiveness by providing the IT solutions they need at a fair and affordable price
  • Consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Provide our staff a work environment that enables them to use their technological skills to create the It environment each client requires
  • Embrace and honor the richness, diversity, and advanced IT skills of our veterans


  • Collaborate to our clients’ value with disrupting IT solutions that increase their competitiveness
  • Create the IT solutions each client need to optimize their operation and make sure their employees and our employees can live a fulfilling life in our respective activities but cooperating to help echoer to achieve our goals

Core Values:

Integrity, Collaboration, Creativity, Expertise, Passion, Proactivity, Experience

We are committed to helping our clients to achieve success in their areas and markets; to provide a unique approach to each project, and to foster teamwork within a creative, inspirational and friendly environment.

Our Story:

In Norse mythology Sága, [Old Norse: “saːɣa”], is a goddess associated with Poetry, lore, artistic expression, psychic abilities as well as sensitivity toward others’ needs. Her name, Sága, is related to the word saga which means “epic story” and comes from the Old Norse verb segja which means “to say, tell.” We chose the name “The Divine Saga Studios” to our business because its definition matches our Mission, Vision and Core Values.