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Running the Technological infrastructure of a company is a challenge that requires skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced experts behind an IT engine that should run as accurately as a Swiss watch engine.

At The Divine Saga Studios IT Services Division, we bring the most talented experts to fulfill our commitment to making our clients’ IT environment flow smoothly providing all the technology products and services they need to prosper.

Being diversity believers; we do not attach to specific profiles, we attach to individuals with skills, knowledge, and experience, so we are open and willing to give them a chance to show their abilities.

We are motivated to express our expertise using the most advanced technologies available on the market.


Ours is a diverse and multi-faceted dynamic and highly talented team. Our technicians, strategists, and business experts grab their inspiration from a multi-cultural environment and background.

We love to have people with a broad range of life experiences, including veterans who bring an incredible experience working with high-end technologies in multiple environments.

At TDSS IT Services Division, we know that success relies on a great team. Therefore, people are our most valuable asset, and we strive to give them wings and freedom to fly high. They can design the most efficient networks and services to help our clients running their business straight to prosperity.


If you are a veteran willing to harness your IT skills and share your expertise; contact us!

We have a training internship to help you design the most advanced networks, software licensing, and business processes to provide competitive IT solutions and services.

If you feel like being a network administrator or a Help Desk expert, go ahead and contact us!

One way or another The Divine Saga Studios, IT Services Division, is willing to assist you in building a fulfilling career in the IT industry with a strong foundation and growth options.

Our search for talent goes from the technology fairs to the veteran hospitals and the street, where the real genius can be.

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