In today’s economy companies like yours are in need to be where your markets are.

This includes physical, onsite, online, on the cloud, desktop, mobile, the Internet of Things…

Apps and More Apps

Programming is crucial. You can find Apps wherever you see…

These Apps are becoming a fundamental tool for operations with clients and sales. Is there anything you can’t order, get or see with an App?

What about Apps?

Apps are user-friendly pieces of software used either to provide services to perform complex and secure tasks such as banking and e-Commerce; or more straightforward services that help people with their daily activities.

Why Programming Becomes Crucial…

Apps are also used within companies to perform specific administrative, or operational tasks whether on-site or in the cloud.

One way or another, your business certainly needs an App or even more than one.

At The Divine Saga Studios, IT Services division we create friendly App solutions to perform all kind of tasks seamlessly and securely. Our programming experts develop reliable applications to help you expand your reach to farther more clients.

Our team has been responsible for the development of primary commercial software products, mobile and web Apps; therefore, we can program any application in short time and with optimal results:

  • Applications for Desktop, Web, Mobiles, and Cloud Computing
  • Software applications using advanced mathematics and algorithms and user-friendly interfaces
  • Application with intensive computation needs
  • Highly secure access to system application interfaces
  • Video games

We Build Your Digital Presence Solution

Our group of experts on Web Development and Programing follow Agile Methodology to work with you, our client, to get the most intuitive solutions; whether you already have fixed specifications or are expecting us to help you plan your App or Website:


  • Define the Scope of the Project: After understanding the client’s needs, we identify and isolate the challenges and opportunities
  • Specifications and documentation: We document all the specifications and features, to then set milestones to achieve and the projected timeline
  • Project Planning: Specific decisions, from the database design and the App structure to the App look and fill, risk management and security are planned and divided into segments.
  • Programming: Our team of programmers write all the code and check the validity of the data
  • Integration: The different modules of the solution are integrated to get a whole App
  • Beta Testing and debugging: We enter the stage where the client helps us testing the App from eh perspective of the user. We identify and fix possible errors and debug de software solution
  • Deployment: This is the final stage in our process when the App is released

On the Programming arena

Our developers use the latest technology and development languages and software:

ASP – PHP – XML – Java – HTML – ASP.NET – C# – VB Script

  • Reliable management tools: MS Project. MS SQL Oracle and MS Access among other powerful databases.
  • User-friendly Interface Design tools: Photoshop, Flash, Dream Weaver
  • Development Tools: MS Visual Studio 2003

We bring more than twenty years of experience programming high-end software solutions to the table. We are your trusted IT partner when it comes to advanced IT services.

Speaking about Websites:

TDSS IT Services adds a team of WordPress experts to develop your Website following the same methodology we use to develop software. This warranties the highest quality ad performance.

  • Websites with strategy
  • Trendy layouts to make your brand stand out
  • SEO
  • Powerful development and tools to add to your website any feature you can imagine
  • We specialize in using Elegant Themes Divi console and use their cutting edge Theme to develop beautiful sites.  Our site is built on that very technology

Network Administration

Your network is invisible to users, did you know that? Apart from the IT team, no one sees it; few even know it is there unless it fails. And when it fails a new order of chaos invades your business.

WebDev & Programming

Websites and Apps are crucial tools for the modern business. Is there anything you can’t order, get or see on a Site or an App? Use them to perform any kind of tasks on-site or in the cloud.

Help Desk Services

Nothing could be more frustrating than getting poor IT Help Desk services, especially when you are having an emergency. Your company does not have to go throuth this. Not an option.

Hard / Soft Reseller

Software and Hardware are dynamic, upgrades are necessary, and often part of more extensive solutions that bring key productivity and value to the business.